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With attention spans dropping ( I have kids, so I do know this first hand) as the wealth of content increases, designers have to work hard to get their message across in an ever advancing smaller space.

Adobe says in a blog of their’s that “the narrative of a single image of a 6-second video has the same need to tell a story as long-form content”. The combination of photography with design must strive to convey meaning quickly. The angle and placement of the subject can be shown in an unusual setting to help grab the viewer’s attention, so contrasting colours and patterns can help designers achieve this.

Adobe continues that the power of short video will be indispensable to designers to try and create these stories and resonate with their client’s customers.

Short, sharp, snappy video. Editing and creating moving content that engages – this is the latest trend, customers on smart phones want to be engaged straight from the off.

Don’t put off your clients by bombarding them with cluttered design of any sort, be that on or off-line, simple clean and effective design will always have its foot in the future as well as in the past of design. In the past it was often deemed elegant, nowadays its on trend to have well thought out space with simple layout and clean well present design content.

Choose your typeface well!